1) Do you have to be a certain age to belly dance?

No, all ages are welcome. Currently, my student ages range from women in their twenties through seventies.

2) Do you have to show your belly?

No, you never have to show your belly. There are even some professional belly dancers that never show their bellies!

3) Are students required to perform?

No, students are never required to perform, but I do recommend it because it because we have such a blast!

4) Do I need anything special for class?

No, not really. Just come to class wearing comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in.

5) Where do you get your costumes?

Sometimes we make them, but usually we purchase them online.

6) Are there performance opportunities?

Yes! We perform all over Corpus Christi and the surrounding area and hold a big end of year recital.

7) Are your classes for females only?


8) Can I bring my children to class?

Yes, children are welcome as long as they are able to quietly entertain themselves in the studio waiting area.

9) I am a full figured woman. Do you have to be slim to belly dance?

No, belly dance is for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

10) Is belly dance good exercise?

Absolutely! Belly dance will help you tone up, slim down and have fun while doing it!